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Smashed !

Smashed !

Sri Iyer29 Aug 2023 - 09:45
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Crowdfunder Update from Club Vice Chairman Wes Shelbourne - 27th August

Hello all,

I know this update is only a couple of days after our usual weekly one but I have some wonderful news to share. This morning we reached our initial campaign total of £20,000. Words almost fail me at the gargantuan effort this represents from everyone. I have to admit that I really am taken aback by how quickly this has been achieved. On behalf of Lindum Cricket Club - THANK YOU ALL!!

Of course, you wouldn't expect me to leave it there. As mentioned in the last update a 'stretch' target has now been set of £25,000 to be reached by September 15th. This is reflected now in the crowdfunding page where you will see we have currently reached 80% of that total. But please don't worry, we are guaranteed the our £20,000 and the additional £5,000 will go towards ensuring we can further enhance our cricketing facilities to ensure an even more positive experience for all those who use them.

Once again, for the bottom of my heart, thank you all who have made this happen. This shows the support and affection this club attracts and the art of the possible.


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