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Project Front Foot Newsletter

Project Front Foot Newsletter

Lesley Bunn10 Apr - 06:21
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Spring 2024

Enjoy the Spring 2024 update from Vic Mills at Project Front Foot which chronicles a recent road trip, expressing heartfelt gratitude to the numerous individuals who contributed to its success. From the arduous sorting and packing in the UK to the hospitality of the cricketing community in France, and the assistance received in Switzerland, Germany, and Lebanon, every effort is recognized and appreciated.

A highlight of the newsletter is an unexpected invitation to dine at Lord's pavilion, courtesy of the Alsama Project, which came as a delightful surprise for Vic. However, the event wasn't without its challenges, particularly in the realm of wardrobe preparation. Vic humorously recounts their struggle to adhere to the dress code amidst inclement weather and fashion faux pas, leading to a rather amusing predicament. Despite these humorous missteps, the evening at Lord's was a resounding success, characterized by good food, engaging speeches, and the camaraderie of fellow guests.

As the newsletter draws to a close, Vic reflects on the significance of the evening at Lord's, marking the culmination of another fruitful year of philanthropic endeavours. Despite the challenges faced along the way, the experience serves as a testament to the dedication and resilience of all involved. With the curtain falling on this chapter, Vic concludes the newsletter with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude, looking forward to future endeavours with optimism and anticipation.

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Project Front Foot - Spring 2024

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